Lip Treatments


This procedure will define the natural lip contour matching your own lip colour for a discrete natural enhancement.


This is the most popular option. Additionally to the natural lip contour this procedure adds colour to part of the body of the lip to even out lost pigment or to add a blush of colour.

Full Lip

 This procedure is for those that like to look like they wear lipstick every day. We define the natural lip contour and even out any minor imperfections, then your chosen colour will be blended over the whole lip to create fullness and a long lasting tint. 

3D Trilogy Lip

Not only since Angelina Jolie made her mark in the media have lips become a statement feature, already long before surveys suggest that lips are the facial feature that people are most drawn to after the eye area.

With this technique a subtle outline is created and then with several shades of colour the lip body gets contoured to add depth and dimension.

All you need to do then is apply gloss and off you go.

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