If you want to add definition to your eyes, are fed up with smudge eyeliner, struggle to apply it yourself, have watery eyes or are allergic to regular Make Up this could be the answer for you.

It can be used to make your lash line look fuller or improve the shape or balance of the eyes.

This can save you time and money on your daily make up routine as well as make you look great at all times. 

Especially when you wear glasses or can be a challenge to apply eyeliner.

From barely there just more defined to a super wow effect everything can be achieved.

Say goodbye to your eyeliner now and experience this stunning waterproof enhancement.

If you struggle to decide what’s the best choice for you from the options below

Eyelash Enhancement


 Lash Enhancements give the appearance of thicker lashes and a fuller lashline without the obvious eyeliner look and add extra definition to your eyes, whilst retaining a very natural look.

The pigment is placed between your lashes ( top or bottom or both ) this will visually open up your eyes without looking like Make Up.

An illusion of intensity and volume is created at the root of the lashes.


There are various styles available including sharp and defined, small flick, medium flick, raised flick, smudged out etc. We can create a style to suit your eye shape and your personal taste.

Eyeliner gives the impression of bigger more open and awake almond shaped eyes.

During the consultation we will create a personalised solution to suit you.

Coloured pigments can be incorporated to enhance your natural eye colour.

Latino Eyeliner

If you want to make a statement and like your eyeliner to be big and bold with a dramatic flick then this is the right choice for you and will definitely get you noticed.


 If eyeliner is not quite enough for you then permanent eyeshadow is just the thing for you. We can help you achieve natural looking multi dimensional eyeshadow, whether you want to add light brown to your eyelids for an added hint of seductive texture, or a vibrant green shade to compliment the colour of your eyes we can help you.