Different Sorts of Microblading


 Microblading is probably the most commonly known form of Permanent Make Up. 

It is also known as embroidery, micro stroking, feather touch and hair like strokes.

Unlike all other permanent make up procedures, Microblading uses a hand tool to create individual hairstrokes in the background of your existing brows, creating a very natural looking brow.

This is also a good solution if you only need to fill a little gap or cover a scar.  This is the most defined eyebrow on offer, with the most natural hair stroke pattern and the most popular brow style; it would be hard to tell which are the real hairs and which are not. 

Hairstroke Brows

 This very popular procedure involves creating individual hairstrokes to imitate the natural brow hair using a digital device. It creates a beautiful subtle brow.

Individual hair strokes will be expertly applied through the existing brow to balance out any imperfections.

For clients with very little to no brows or very uneven brows a shape will be designed and then filled in with individual hair strokes that will give your brows a natural look with 3D effect.

The colour will be matched to your existing hair or to suit your individual requirements, meaning that even blond clients can have brows that look natural and not fake.

Ombre Brows

 This eyebrow enhancement creates the softest shade of colour similar to the effect created with the subtle application of eyebrow powder. The intensity of the shading can be adjusted to your individual needs and taste . 

The most popular choice is an intense bottom line and tail and a soft bulb and top line.

Combination Signature Brows

This procedure combines the hair stroke brows and the powder or shading effect. Ideal for those that like their  brows to be more prominent and even more defined.

This style emphasises the shape and arch, it is a very good way to lift the arch and tail according to clients bone structure and taste and therefore offers a youthful and fresher appearance to the face.

Gone are the times of droopy eyebrows that create a sad and tired impression.

From subtle and elegant to bold and perfect everything is possible.

Permanent Brow Treatment

 When you first come for your permanent brow treatment, you will be given a full consultation, we will talk you through the treatment and determine what style brow will be the most suitable for you we then analyse your face shape and features and then using a traditional brow pencil, a brow shape will be drawn, this is later used as a template when implanting the pigment into the skin. While using a topical anaesthetic to ensure there will be no discomfort we will choose a colour that matches your hair or suits your personal requirements, taking your skin tone into consideration we will choose from a selection of beautiful medically graded pigments.  We then implant the pigment using a sterile needle configuration, this will be in hairstroke pattern or by layering shading techniques to achieve the desired look.  When the treatment is complete, full aftercare is given and a free perfecting retouch appointment to check on the shape and colour retention will be arranged 4 to 12 weeks post procedure.  Please remember that despite the name, this procedure is not permanent and the colour will fade over time; to keep your colour looking fresh, you will be invited back annually for a colour boost.

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