Permanent Makeup

Highly skilled technique using pharmaceutically graded pigments. The pigments are implanted with disposable micro needles between the dermis and epidermis to enhance and correct features. Julia uses equipment developed, tried and tested by Nouveau Contour and Beaulo International.



Microblading is also known as embroidery, micro stroking, feather touch and hair like strokes. Individual hair strokes are created using a manual hand tool resulting in a very natural looking brow. 


Individual hair strokes expertly applied through the existing brow to balance out any imperfections. Ideal for clients with no brows or fair brows. The individual hair strokes create a 3D yet subtle brow.


An ombre brow enhancement creates the softest shadow of colour similar to the effect created with the subtle application of eyebrow powder, lighter at the bulb.



The powder brow is a power brow that simulates the look created by a brow pencil. This is a solid brow and a bold look.


The combination brow is a bespoke brow design that incorporates both the Ombre and Hairstroke brow techniques.

Beauty Spot

The art of permanent make up means that beauty spots can now be tattooed on to your skin. Julia can apply beauty marks to your choice of size, shape and position.


As well as cosmetic freckles, in some instances scarring can mean that you can be left with areas of skin where freckles no longer appear. Julia can tattoo freckles in the area to eliminate freckleless patches. 


Eyelash Enhancement

This is a subtle technique used to enhance the natural lash line. The style suits clients who like the barely there look. This technique can be applied to both the top and lower lash line.


Looks include natural, pencil, liquid liner, baby liner or Latino liner. Personalised solutions to suit you. Coloured pigments can be incorporated to enhance your natural eye colour. This technique can be applied to both top and lower lash line.

Eyeliner Eyeshadow

Julia can achieve a natural looking, multi dimensional eyeshadow with eyeliner. Whether you want to add a light brown to your eyelids for a hint of seductive texture or add a bold colour for a ready to go, fully made up look, Julia can create it.



This procedure will define the natural lip contour to match your own lip colour for a discrete natural enhancement.

Lip blush

In addition to the natural lip contour this procedure adds colour to part of the body of the lip to even out lost pigment or to add a flush of colour.

Full Lip

This procedure is for those that wear lip stick every day. After defining the natural lip contour your chosen colour will be blended over the whole lip to create fullness and a long lasting tint. This is the next step on from Lip Blush.

Trilogy Lip

With this technique a subtle outliner is created and then with three shades of colour the lip body gets contoured to add depth and dimension.


Areola and Nipple Restoration

This service is for people who have undergone mastectomies, other breast surgery, or who may have irregular or fading areolas. Following a sensitive and relaxed consultation with Julia to discuss your options for permanent areola pigmentation and nipple restoration Julia will explain the techniques employed. You are in control of this process, Julia is guided by you on look, colour palette and positioning. 

Cleft Lip

Following successful cleft lip surgery Julia can employ her skills to soften scar tissue to release the pull often felt after many surgeries. In addition, white scars can be tattooed to match lip colour and in severe cases, Julia can fully reconstruct missing sections of the lip. 

Pigment Recovery & Vitiligo Treatment

Julia uses micropigmentation, a specialised type of medical tattooing,. This method implants pigment into the skin imitating natural skin colour on Vitiligo affected skin area and areas of skin where the natural pigment has been lost. In some cases of Vitiligo, stimulating the area with this technique can result in the pigment returning naturally. 

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